Party tents are designed for presentation or multi-purpose events, exhibitions or permanent exhibitions.

We place great emphasis on the safety and quality of our tents. The structures are made of anodised (electrolytic oxidation aluminum) aluminum profiles with steel and duralumin elements.

The roof and side cladding are made of a special fireproof polyester fabric made of PVC, meeting all safety standards.

Tents offer

These dimensions are available in the menu

TENT: 3 x 3 m

TENT: 4 x 4 m

TENT: 4 x 8 m

TENT: 5 x 5 m - Pagoda

TENT: 6 x 8 m 

TENT: 6 x 12 m

TENT: 3 x 12 m

TENT: 5 x 10 m

MODUL TENT: š. 10 m x 4 - 40 m

Scissor tents

The scissor tent is suitable and ideal for presentation events, such as a sale stall, birthday or menus, weddings and similar style events.

Dimensions of scissor tents :

3 x 3 m  -  4 x 4 m  -  6 x 3 m  -  6 x 4 m  -  8 x 4 m


We also provide accessories for the tents:

HEATING - gas terrace heaters

STAGE - wooden stage, laminate flooring

SITTING- beer fest sets