Flood barriers

The flood barriers produced by our company exceeded standards

ISO quality in tests. 

They are made of very durable material, which is characterized by high strength and flexibility. PVC is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, UV radiation, abrasion and tear. 

Flood barriers are designed to protect against floods and flood waters, where they serve as a substitute for sand barriers. Constantly rising fuel prices, the operation of heavy machinery, trucks, and the lack of auxiliary forces increase the cost of filling sandbanks and locating them in the field. 

The flood barrier system is stable, designed to be used in a short time and quickly deployed in different situations.

For the installation of barriers, which can be handled by two workers, only a water source is required. The optimal way of filling is by means of pumps, firefighting vehicles or other sources of pressurized water. The dyke can be built into a pyramid of different width and length.