Advertising production 

Bamida is also engaged in production and assembly of advertisement. 

Our technologies are the cutting edge in the field of UV printers, as they have a special color coating and high resolution printing directly on the material. UV printing has tremendous advantages: for example, color fastness to fading, material diversity, high speed, and products immediately dry and ready to be picked.

Products: banner, billboard, bigboard, megaboard, mesh, self-adhesive foils, perforated film for windows, canvas, painting on pvc, vehicle letters, formatting of pvc boards, 3D letters, carton cutting, graphic work, logos production, photography, textile ironing, glass kitchen back wall printing, glass paintings and direct UV printing on any material. Thanks to our FLATBED UV printing technology, we can print on any material up to 50 mm in thickness up to 2500 x 1500mm sizes.

Šírka UV tlače je až 3200 mm