Transparent foils

These are films that are non-flammable, resist weather conditions and allow you to use your gazebos or summer terraces for every season. 

For the production of curtain walls or summer terraces, we use high-quality materials with a UV stabilizer that ensures flexibility, durability and transparency according to the customer's wishes.

The use of PVC film around the perimeter is important for maintaining a solid shape, as the film's clearness does not contain a textile. Many color variants and also types of clear film available.

Transparent foil

smoke foil

Transparent foil

clear foil

CANDY foil

frozen foil

Every gazebo or terrace we can make tailored according to the design and the customer's ideas.

Our specialists can offer you and design different types of mounting or scrolling.

We also customize the entrance door, for example, with sliding doors made of clear foil on PVC rail or transition slides.