Self-adhesive foils

Self-adhesive foils

We glue: trucks, buses, caravans, vans, personal and company vehicles, trucks, billboards, information signs, windows, shop windows, traffic signs, ships, boats, planes, buildings, etc ...

Your vehicle is the most accessible form of advertising space. The form of cut advertising with colored, reflective or printed foils will highlight your company on the road, at intersections and wherever you move with the car.

Rear windows on vehicles are a frequent place for advertising. Perforated foil is used - one way vision.

OWV self-adhesive films are also an excellent advantage on shop or office windows. It is a one-sided printed area of the perforated side, while on the other side you go out to passers-by and they see your advertisement.

The perforated foil dampens sunlight and the function of blinds or shutters. It is a great advantage in air-conditioned rooms.