Glass screens

Glass screens

Glass screens are a modern and practical element in the kitchen.

Classic materials such as tiles and ceramics, kitchen screens have huge advantages. Seamless design with a touch of luxury.The material is heat-treated with a thickness of 6 mm and mechanically resistant to damage, which we guarantee.

We use Optiwhite glass / ultra clear / with polished edges. Optiwhite is ideal for graph glass because it is completely clear and has no green tinge.

The procedure is simple.

Just fill out the form for the price offer, see below, then after approving the price offer, we will come to you to accurately target the glass for the production of the screen. For a period of 3-4 weeks, we will specify the graphics of the motif supplied by you, or you can choose from our database of patterns. You won't even bother and enjoy the glass kitchen screen at home.

Glass screens

  • Tempered glass / hardness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • UV stability
  • A touch of luxury
  • Great design